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By | May 2, 2018

Have you heard about Quickpayportal (www.quickpayportal.com)? If it is not so. So this is the place. Where I am going to share full information about this online medical billing portal. www.quickpayportal.com is the official website for this portal and is powered by Athenahealth, a company that provides cloud-based healthcare services, has developed this portal, making online medical billing much easier. This is a free and secure service and in many hospitals, the US In order to log in and access the portal features, we need QuickPayPortal. This is a 15 digit code which is also known as the statement ID or the access code. This code can be found on the patient’s statement given by the hospital.


Since it is a free service to the people of the United States, so many hospitals in the United States include quick payments for online medical billing. This means, at one place (quickpayportal), you can pay almost all hospital bills in the U.S in the coming days. This is an online billing portal, so can you have a question, which is safe quickly? As you have to give details of your credit card or debit card to pay for your medical bills. So do not worry, Quick PowerLine is a fully secure online health billing portal, they ensure user safety, without any hesitation, you can proceed with your health bill payment.

Benefits Www.QuickpayPortal.Com

  • This is a free service, no service or subscription fee type
    Extensive availability, most hospitals in the United States are using and using QuickPayportal.
  • This is 24 × 7 service so that you can pay your medical bill from anywhere in the world.
  • You can make a one-time payment, or you can set up recurring payments.
  • When you pay a medical bill, you can
  • You will have to act as if you will get confirmation.
  • You will have payment and billing history so that
  • You can access your payment history using Quickpayportal.

Quickpay Bill Pay Info

You will have the option of making a quick payment through your credit card or bank draft. If you pay through bank draft, you will have to register your bank routing number and bank checking account number to pay. Once you’ve set your payment option, please submit your payment. There is no waiting for it. Your payment is processed and will be posted to your account during the day or if you will post the next business day after a few hours of bill payment.

Quickpayportal Login guide:

  • Visit the given link here or open your browser and visit https://www.quickpayportal.com/
  • After opening the main website there will be instruction and privacy poly page.
  • Read the important information regarding the QuickPay Portal.
  • There will be the “login button” Click on it. Quickpayportal
  • A page will appear on computer Screen.
  • Need to enter the “QuickPay Code, Statement ID, or Access Code”
  • Then click on “Sign In”
  • By clicking Sign In, you represent that you are authorized to address the patient’s billing matters. You will be on your Dashboard.Quickpayportal

However, this company is located in Watertown. They have locations in Belfast, Maine in Massachusetts. San Francisco, California Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas. Princeton, New Jersey; And any questions about Chennai, India firm can be directed to Athena Call Center Representative on 800 9 81 8 84. Athena Health Corp Office is based on 311 Arsenal Street Watertown, MA 02472 and can be reached by 617-402-1000. Looking to send a fax to Athena Health Corp? 617-402-1099

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